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The check control scraps using the existing check control (at the moment, may add a setting back in for that later) and instead uses images. Clicking the images toggles the check control through the various states (can have three states). In server mode, the check posts back to refresh the image.


Some of the properties are:
  • AllowEmptyCheckState - Whether the empty value is allowed.
  • Checked - Whether the checkbox is checked, using the bool? type.
  • EmptyImage - The image information for the empty state.
  • FalseImage - The image information for the false state.
  • SelectedImage - The image information that is the selected check option.
  • TargetAction - Not Implemented, but will signal what action to take on targeted controls when checked (show/hide or enable/disable them, etc.).
  • TargetedControls - Not Implemented, the target controls to target with the target action, upon click.
  • Text - The Text to display for the check.
  • TextFormat - A format string for the text, which allows the developer to supply a binding statement directly to Text.
  • TrueImage - The image information for the true state.


Some of the methods are:
  • GetCheckImages - Gets all of the images in collection form, if provided.
  • GetDefaultEmptyImageUrl - Gets a default image to display for the empty image.

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