UPDATED: Decoupled Deployment
Because of the various nature of components, I've decided to break the framework apart into the various domains (web, MVP, ORM, etc.). Each, when published, will have the complete source code published. With the MVP framework, I've released it as 1.0, with binaries, source, and unit tests included, and have included it on this site.

Each project published (or about to be published has its own trello board. I'm continuing to work to complete the documentation as well.

- MVP: Trello Board | Documentation | MVP Quick Start
- ORM: Trello Board

Project Description
This project is a consortium of code that I have put together from my various projects, which has made all of my development purposes easier. Lately, the releases that I am deploying are AJAX-enabled controls using the MS AJAX framework (I hope to eventually get a framework up and running that uses JQuery). I have also created several classes for other reasons, whether purposeful or experimental, that may benefit someone else. Right now, I have a lot of unit testing/documentation to do.

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