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This is an overview of the various controls in the framework.


Prerequisites - Stuff you need to know to get this to work.
Common Features - A list of common features across all controls.
External Libraries - How JQuery and Prototype (as of current) are supported.

Stable Band of Controls

These controls are in the stable quality of AJAX components.
  • Button - A dynamic button, which supports disabling until all JavaScript loads, disable on button click (even temporarily), client-side clicking and full DOM support, and much more.
  • ButtonEnabledExtender - An AJAX extender that targets a button and another control, disabling or enabling the other control whenever the button is clicked.
  • ButtonVisibilityExtender - An AJAX extender that targets a button and another control, hiding or showing the other control whenever the button is clicked.
  • ButtonList - A list of Button controls that enable toggling of visibility, showing and hiding buttons using a visibility group, and other settings.
  • Check - A checkbox-based control, which will use images.
  • CalculatedFieldExtender - An extender that targets a control to use for a summing operation (like fields in an account ledger).
  • CalculatorExtender - Not yet working - Works like the CalculatorView, but is an extender so it targets another control.
  • CalculatorView - The view for the summary for the calculations; all calculated field extenders have their values summed and displayed in the calculator view.
  • DragDropPanel - An AJAX control that uses JQuery to implement drag and drop features all right within the control. No need to call anything manually.
  • HiddenField - A normal hidden field, though it provides a client-side API. The key to this control is the HiddenFieldManager control.
  • HiddenFieldManager - The HiddenFieldManager control listens to HiddenField controls; you can reference any related HiddenFIeld controls using a Key. The key can then be used to extract hidden values using that key, in bulk.
  • Link - A link control with a client-side API, which may or may not postback depending on the rendering mode.
  • NavigationBarContainer - The container for navigation bar controls. This is similar to the Ajax Control Toolkit's TabContainer. It contains a collection of NavigationBar, NavigationBarItem, and NavigationBarView components.
  • NucleoAjaxManager - The core manager control for the entire framework, as vital as the <asp:ScriptManager> tag.

In Development

These controls are in development, approaching production quality code.
  • WebServiceDataSource - A simple data source control that calls a web service and performs a retrieval or modification operation. Completely flexible in how it operates and supports multiple types of commands (multiple selects, etc.).

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