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The link control is a standard link with a more simplified href/onclick structure than the standard link button. It can support posting back, redirecting on client-side, or opening up a new window with a _blank target type.

  • ClickAction - Whether to fire a click event, or redirect to another URL.
  • NavigateUrl - The url to navigate to on clicking, when in redirect mode. An exception is thrown when in redirect mode and this isn't set, or the format string isn't set either.
  • NavigateUrlFormatString - The format string to use, which the control uses the NavigateUrl value to replace the {0} placeholder. This can be useful when binding controls because the value can be bound directly to NavigateUrl, and the format string can provide a base url, a little more conveniently than having to embed the two in the <%# %> statement.
  • Target - Whether to target the same window or new window.
  • Text - The text for the link.
  • TextFormat - A text format string to use, which the control uses the Text value to replace the {0} placeholder. Uses the same process and same reasoning as NavigateUrlFormatString.

Server Events
  • Clicked - Fires whenever the link is clicked, and it works in server-based mode (RenderMode property has the value Server in it).
  • Redirecting - Fires when redirecting using the link.

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